Expressions of Gratitude

Thank you for giving me the tools to take back my life…. I’ve gotten through the darkest period of the year without repeating the same winter cycle I’ve had for most of my life.  You’ve taught and inspired me to listen to, nourish, and care for my body.  I was feeling dry, so started sleeping with a humidifier, using warm sesame oil on my feet, and eating soup every day…..I am coming to understand that what I am learning from you two is as important as asana.   Post Editor, Yogin

I’ve been fortunate to have experienced Shri Cuisine’s cooking at Hareesh’s ‘Heart of Recognition’ satsangs in SF. The subtle and complex flavors of both the food and the teachings resonate so cleanly with each other: I question these flavors as I do the teachings, and I learn much from each! Tantric Philosophy Student

Yes… Pure yum from pure hearts. Love Jana & Patrick – their food and every way they serve with such beauty. Anusara Yoga

We love you and feel blessed to receive your food, your radiant presence, and open and direct communication.    International Translator

Your food was delicious and we enjoyed it very much. Its pretty amazing what you make out of these veggies!! International Film Director

Beautiful food, beautiful People. What else is this life about? Massage Therapist, Reiki Master


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