About Shri Cuisine

Nourishing Food comes from the open compassionate Heart first. Then with love, intention and grace it manifests through Divine dance.

“Shri” is auspiciousness,  the quality of abundance and radiance all wrapped into one Divine Blessing; a title of majesty and splendor.

Shri Cuisine brings the essence of Divinity into the kitchen and dances with the ingredients of the season: all the offerings of the abundant Earth. We bring exquisite cuisine back into the dynamic interplay of daily life. Through catering, workshops and classes, we share the reconnection to the natural elements to harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

Shri Cuisine is born from the driven passion to bring loved, healing, exquisitely tasteful cuisine into the hands of those that need it. Through our experience of a combined 40+ years of service in the culinary arts industry and our decades of study in the medical traditions of India and China, we understand how healing or harmful foods can be.

We see Shri Cuisine as growing into a dynamic resource for the community bringing food and medicine back together with intention and loving service.

Scroll down to the bottom and have a look through our adventures and musings!. We thank you for your time and greatly look forward to sharing our passions of amazing tastes and cuisine with you.

In Gratitude,

Patrick & Jana

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