Nutritional Counseling

Raw Summer Squash "Lasagne" with Truffled Cashew Creme, Scallion Coulis, Squash Blossoms

In a typical day, we are inundated with myriad options to refuel our tank. Everywhere we turn there is another cafe or juicebar or fast food chain trying their hearts out with their marketing luring us in. Do I want the Extra value meal? Probably not, but they are telling you that you do. Surrounded by flashy marketing and running from place to place, we begin to loose contact with what our body really needs and wants.

Are you feeling sluggish and tired? Do you eat out all the time? Are you looking to make some changes to your lifestyle and eating habits?

Call us! We have been there. We know exactly what it feels like being at the bottom of the barrel and looking up a the daunting challenge of stepping into a healthy conscious lifestyle. And each morning we make the choice over and over again!

Let us help you find balance in your life starting with diet first. You are what you eat, right?! All it takes is a little awareness and some time.

After an initial consultation, we will create a guide to your healthier and more vibrant self. Depending on your needs we will create a system of support via email, phone, or in person. This support may come in the form of daily or weekly meals/juices, recipes, cooking lessons, life coaching sessions, and more.

We at ShriCuisine base our nutritional principles on decades of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Western Herbology study and have helped many individuals regain their awareness around healthy conscious living and eating.

Call or email us today for more info.


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