The Farmers market

Rainbow Chard growing out of my Backpack!

I feel ridiculously fortunate to live in a mecca for food lovers!

Not to mention the regular stores and markets that showcase the local farmers menagerie of seasonality like the Berkeley Bowl or Monterey Market, we also have an open air farmers market almost everyday in the East Bay area.

Farmers come from all over the central valley of california several days a week to hawk their freshest goodies that are dripping from their trees or springing from their soil.

This last week I bought a basket of pre-shelled Fava beans from Catalan Farms. They got blanched, peeled and then blended with lemon, olive oil, salt and marjoram. The most amazing hummus-like puree! You can use it just like you would a hummus, as a dip or sauce. Add a little freshly ground sesame seeds to wick some of the moisture and turn it into a filling for your raviolis!

In this photo, my backpack is beginning to brim and the chard is taking over! Time to head home and get cookin!




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