Sonoma County Picnic

OAEC Greens w/ Chevre on Summer Squash

It is hard to say there is much better in the culinary world than growing, picking, catching or hunting your own edibles. And in the medical and nutritional worlds, being that connected to your food can be richly nourishing.

This last day off, The ShriChef and the QiChef set out to find a little bit of that sweetness in the wilds of west Sonoma county. And if you have ever been through the area, you know it isn’t hard to find that unparalleled connection from the farm to the fork.

We found our way out to the AMAZING Occidental Arts and Ecology Center to see some friends while gazing in their gorgeous gardens. If you have ANY interest in sustainable living look them up.

The gardens are year round and are brimming with heirloom varieties of everything! Well, not everything, but it sure looks like it we walked the rows of blossoming edibles. We were fortunate enough to be able to leave with a bag of their superb lettuce mix. There must have been 50 different types of greens and flowers in the bag.

Next stop was the local market for some chevre made down the street. And then off to the Sebastopol Berry Farm in Forestville. The west county bike trail rolls right beside the farm and acts as a good rest on a long or short ride. Grab some blueberries, blackberries or raspberries and off you ride!

We grabbed some blues and blacks for our dessert and then found a redwood tree to eat under. We had picked up some fava beans and summer squash at the local farmers market a couple days before. I had made a hummus out of the favas and sliced the squash into rounds to dip with. A little chevre and mixed greens finished the savory end of the picnic.

We ate like royalty! or maybe like farmers… :)



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