Black Barley Soup

Autumn with ShriCuisine!

This is the post we wrote for Bay Shakti, the Anusara Yoga based web-zine based in San Francisco. Have a look over their wonderful site too!! There is nothing like the abundance of Autumn. Every year, the crispy apples, jewel-like figs, and endless colors of the farmer’s market harvest delight our senses and beg us …

Cranberry Orange Spice Cookies

Rainy Day Experiments, GF Cookies!

It’s a wonderfully rainy day up in the Redwoods, perfect for tea, cookies and snuggling.  Today I have my heart set on making the best Gluten Free spicy, “pick me up in a warm blanket of goodness” cookies ever!  Of course, I have only made GF cookies a few times before but I am completely …