World fusion

I worked under a chef during a very intensive time while in culinary school that used to demand we question everything we made for quality and taste. His favorite barking was, “Is this Fusion or Confusion?!” Half the time our specials needed that question. The rest of the time we made amazing food! That statement …


Personal Chef Service

Whether you are a busy professional or embarking on a month of cleansing, we can help you get the nourishment you need. Sometimes we all need a little assistance in getting the right foods into our bodies. Most often we reach for the closest thing, and more often than not it is not the optimal …


Summertime with ShriCuisine!

This is the summer solstice culinary inspiration Jana and I wrote for Bay Shakti, the Anusara Yoga based web-zine based in San Francisco. Check’um Out!!   When you live and play in the San Francisco Bay Area, Summer can be a little hard to distinguish. Some years, Spring showers carry cold rainy winds into the …

Marinated Soba Noodles, Baby Choi Sum, shaved Fennel, Burgundy Carrots, Celery Leaves

Summer Harvest Menus!

Summer is here! Time to eat fresh and smart to keep the body in balance with the warm sunshine and activity during this time of year. Here a a few examples of dishes: Savories: Baby Gems Lettuce Leaf Cups filled with Farmers Market goodies Warm Forbidden Black Rice With Green Onions, Cilantro and Summer Squash …

Raw Summer Squash "Lasagne" with Truffled Cashew Creme, Scallion Coulis, Squash Blossoms

Nutritional Counseling

In a typical day, we are inundated with myriad options to refuel our tank. Everywhere we turn there is another cafe or juicebar or fast food chain trying their hearts out with their marketing luring us in. Do I want the Extra value meal? Probably not, but they are telling you that you do. Surrounded …