osso bucco

Spiced Ossobuco con Gremolata. by Patrick

This classic Italian dish gets it name from the hole in the shank bone. Osso=bone, buco=hole. It is typically made using veal shank sliced that are around 2″ think. If your butcher does not have them fresh, ask them. They may have them packed into bags and on a shelf in the freezer section. Naturally, …

Blood Orange Delights

Flourless Almond Blood Orange Cupcakes

Childhood memories of fresh Florida citrus in Winter, sustained me during my teens and twenties in Michigan.  Though beautiful, shining oranges, lemons and grapefruit would glisten in the produce sections of our local grocer I knew they were sprayed, tired and a little old, traveling thousands of miles in a truck their essence was long …

mimosas and roses

Valentines day Breakfast? Oh, Yeah!!!!

At the end of a long beautiful productive day, a challenge was proposed by my beloved. And I LOVE a good challenge! She mentioned having a very random thought over the course of the day where a Chocolate Chip Cupcake came dancing through. A Chocolate Chip Cupcake?! My mouth began to water like I was …

Spiced Carrot Beet Cupcakes

Jana’s Spiced Carrot Beet Cupcakes!

Hi All!! a month ago, Jana made a batch of AMAZING cupcakes for a weekly dinner we do in SF. We decided to highlight the virtuous Carrot! Ah the wonders of the carrot… so beautiful in its purples and reds and yellows, so completely useful with its greens that make wonderful pestos and vinaigrettes, so …